Why You Should Become a Truck Driver

Driving a truck is a flexible, high-paying job that is in-demand. Truck drivers help ensure supply chains flow properly and allow everyone to continue to rely on stores being fully stocked with their goods. Explore some of the reasons that you should consider becoming a truck driver.

High Demand for Drivers

One of the biggest reasons to become a truck driver is the high demand for drivers. This has been a general trend in recent years, but it reached a new level because of the pandemic. More people are buying online, which increases the work for logistics companies and everyone along the supply chain. That has led to a need for more truck drivers to move products through the supply chain. However, there is currently a shortage of drivers. As such, it is unlikely for you to have a problem finding a job as a truck driver. If you choose to be an owner/operator, the high demand means that you should not have an issue finding loads.

Short Training

If you choose to become a truck driver, you will not have to deal with years on end of training. The average training program for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) only takes about seven weeks. This means that even if you have to complete the training yourself, it will only be seven weeks until you get to work. If you find a job that will hire you upon completing the training or even pay for the training, you only have to wait seven weeks or so to start earning your full salary.

Excellent Pay

Truck drivers are known for being paid very well because of the importance of their job and the high demand. The pay will vary slightly based on if you are an owner/operator or choose to work for a company. That being said, the national average for starting truck drivers is $40,000 a year. This goes up to an average of $72,000 for flatbed drivers. On top of that, you are likely to get signing bonuses and potential bonuses for safety.

Great Benefits

If you choose to become a truck driver for a company instead of an owner/operator, you are likely to get excellent benefits in addition to that great pay. The benefits vary by company, but it is common to get a 401(k), paid holidays and vacations, health insurance, and life insurance, among other benefits.

Flexibility and Freedom

Truck drivers tend to have flexible work schedules and plenty of freedom, especially compared to people who have to sit behind a desk or attend long meetings. As long as you stick to the federal laws regarding “hours of service” and any requirements your employer may have, there is a great deal of flexibility to set your own schedule with trucking.

You Get to Travel

One of the amazing and unique things about being a truck driver is that you get to travel for your job. You will not have to sit behind a desk at a boring job. Instead, you will get to see new places across the country without taking any time off work to do so or paying to get there.