Christmas on the Road: How to Celebrate the Holidays on a Long Route

The holidays can be one of the toughest times for truckers and others who have to travel for work. Just because you are not at home during the holidays, that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable during them. There are plenty of ways to celebrate the holidays, even if you are on a long route and thousands of miles from home.

Choose a Different Date

There is no rule that you need to celebrate Christmas on December 25 or New Year’s on December 31. While that is when we traditionally celebrate the holidays, it is increasingly common for families to choose a new date. That started as a way to let people celebrate the holidays with both sides of the family without dividing their time, but it is also great for truck drivers. As the holidays approach, look at your schedule and see when you will be at home. Then plan your celebration for those days. Just remember to be flexible and don’t get too upset if your schedule changes.

Take Advantage of Video Chat

This year has shown everyone that celebrating over video chat is an excellent alternative to in-person celebrations. While you would likely love being with family during the holidays in person, video chats are a close second. You can still see and talk to your family with ease. Now, there are dozens of options, so you and your family can take your pick.

You can even combine this with a rescheduled holiday. You can video chat on the day it is traditionally celebrated, then celebrate in person later.

Share Photos and Videos

In addition to using video chat, encourage your friends and family to share holiday photos and videos with you, and do the same. This will help you all feel like you are together, even if you are miles apart.

Plan Gifts Ahead of Time

If your loved ones are celebrating at home during the holidays and you would normally give and receive gifts, encourage everyone to plan. Buy and wrap the presents you want to give, then leave them with someone who will be there. Ask people who were planning on getting you something to do so ahead of time. Then bring the wrapped gifts they give you on the road with you.

During that video chat, you can still open presents with your family, even from afar. At the very least, you can feel connected with them on Christmas day and get photos or videos of them opening your presents.

Bring Cheer Into Your Truck

If you love the decorations and festive feel of the holiday season, you can bring them to the inside of your truck. Maybe hang a wreath from your grille or put a holiday-themed seat cover on your seats. Grab a snack that makes you think of the holidays, like a candy cane or gingerbread cookie.

Connect With Other Truck Drivers

You are far from the only truck driver on the road, including during the holidays. Other drivers likely wish they were with their friends and family, just like you do. It is easy to find somewhere that lets you celebrate with other drivers. There are even many truck stops that decorate enthusiastically for the holidays.