What Are The Most Common Truck Driving Jobs Questions?

Is Truck Driving A Good Job?

We at Tera Logistics Inc tried to answer this question in our Why You Should Become A Truck Driver article a few months ago. Having years of experience as truck drivers behind our back, we think that yes – truck driving is an excellent job if you are hardworking and persistent. It is definitely not an easy job though, even though the CDL A driver’s license only takes 7 weeks. Think about it – most professions demand 4 to 8 years of just studying in order to even start working, but with truck driving, you can start a job driving for a good-paying company within a few months of training.

Of course, the real experience comes after years and years on the road, but you can start making money relatively faster compared to other jobs. But if you are for example from another country and you wish to kick-off your career in the U.S., the fastest and easiest way probably is by becoming a truck driver.

What Is The Highest Paying Trucker Job?

This is a common question among new truck drivers and the question is – It depends on you. If you are willing to sacrifice more time and work hard – you will make more money as a truck driver, because this job pays by the mile. The highest amount of money you can make among all truck driving jobs is probably as an “over the road” truck driver. This is a demanding and tough position, but it pays off well! Of course, in order to start as a CDL Class A truck driver, you will need not only a CDL license, but also at least a couple of years of experience. The best thing about driving OTR is that most trucking companies provide you with the latest and newest equipment. For example, Tera Logistics’ fleet includes 2021 trucks with automatic transmission, microwaves, refrigerators and power inverters.

How To Find Local Truck Driving Jobs?

If you are a seasoned driver, or you just want to start, there are a few different trucking jobs you may consider: Local truck driver, Regional driver, Over the Road Driver, or owner-operator. The easiest way is to find a local truck driving job, which is less demanding in terms of experience and time, and you will have home time every evening, instead of only on weekends. In order to find a local truck driving job, you will need to look into different truck driving companies and their websites. Usually, companies such as ours, have a contact form where you can apply for a truck driving position, or find out more information about the conditions, and the job itself.

Another way is through truck hiring agencies or Facebook groups. Whatever you decide, you should keep in mind that hiring truck drivers is sometimes not so easy. You will need to ensure the company that you are reliable and trustworthy, but also make sure, that you will be paid fairly and treated well.

Where to Start?

Tera Logistics Inc is a trucking company established by ex-truck drivers who went through the same struggles as you, and that is why we know how to treat our drivers. We believe that smaller, family-owned companies are the perfect place to work if you have more than 2-3 years of experience because you will be treated as a family instead of just an asset.

In order to better understand the needs of truck drivers, we developed this truck driver survey. It will help us to improve our service as a trucker hiring company and to provide better conditions to our new drivers.

If you are interested in CDL truck driving jobs, please fill out the survey and get in touch with us. Share your thoughts and questions, and we will try to help you in the best way possible!