Freight Transportation and Logistics Excellence

Our company provides transportation of all kinds of goods – industrial, commercial and retail. Specializing in freight delivery services, we are a one-stop-shop for your logistic needs
On a daily basis, companies trust us with the transportation of their consumer, manufactured or retail products.

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Logistics solutions tailored to your needs!

Organizing your transportation needs shouldn’t be an expensive and time-consuming effort. We are here to provide you with consistent equipment capacity, taking into consideration your specific needs such as: your type of shipment or the routes. This helps our clients to improve the efficiency of their supply chains, and gain competitive advantage by reducing the cost, while keeping control on their shipments.
Additionally, we hire only highly experienced and valuable drivers, while also keeping at your disposal well-maintained rigs, which decreases the risk of freight damage and breakdowns.

Convenience and flexibility in transportation

Located in Chicago, we provide medium and long haul, truckload services throughout the United States.

  • Contracts drafted with consideration of your specific requirements;
  • Consistency in the cost of transportation;
  • New and well-maintained equipment;
  • Highly experienced drivers;

We are a one-stop-shop for your logistic needs

Transportation service – shipping of consumer products, manufactured goods, merchandise, food, vehicle parts, machinery, plastics, and paper products. Customized and general freight services are offered to our customers.

We respond to your fast delivery needs, by providing solutions such as hiring experienced drivers, well-maintained equipment, satellite tracking and on-time delivery guarantee.

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What our clients say about TERA

We had bad experience with other transportation companies, but now it’s all forgotten, thanks to Tera Logistics! Thank you and we’ll work again soon.
— Sarah Callaghan, Chicago IL

With Tera we get guarantee on the timely delivery, and we can track our shipment real time! That’s pretty cool. Highly recommended anyone in need of long-haul transportation.
— Jeff Jones, Chicago IL