Asen Asenov
Co-founder and CEO

Asen has an extensive trucking experience, going through all the steps – from a driver, then owner-operator, to building a small truck fleet. He is well-aware of the challenges all truck drivers meet, as well as the needs of the clients. Currently, Asen is in charge of the freight scheduling and driver recruiting processes.

Deyan Kapitanov
Co-founder and CEO

Deyan started his career as a truck driver and has many years of experience behind his back. Currently, he is in charge of the administration and recruitment process in the company.

Radoslava Kapitanova
Account Manager

Meet our account manager, Radoslava, who is an integral part of the sales team and takes care of the clients’ and trucker’s needs.

Zhana Deleva
Safety and HR department

Zhana is important part of Tera Logistics’ team, she is responsible for the safety procedures and also for the recruiting process. She onboards new drivers and supports them throughout their journey as company drivers.

Ross Mihaylov
Logistics Manager

Communication is the key. 10 years experience and the help is a call away.